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We are the first professional online HUNTING self marketing FORUM (2014) on the world-wide-web for the hunting industry. We work without any COMMISSION for OUTFITTER. Our MEMBERS are from all over the world, they have seen our hunting Advertising in Internet and Magazines, HUNTINGSHOWS,....

Our main Focus is FAIR price and quality in hunting. To offer such a SERVICE, we creat 5 years ago www.myhuntadvisor.com.

We have our big hunting farm for our MHA HUNTINGADVENTURE, where we offer a HUNTINGADVENTURE for the young HUNTER generation. The HUNTINGADVENTURE is focus on ethical hunting in africa. www.MyHuntAdvisor.com is publish with more than 8 country domains.

We have more than 9500 FOLLOWERS and we have our own HUNTINGADVENTURE in a 4 star hunting farm, we are MEMBERS of different hunting clubs around the world, SO we know how to hunt.

myhuntadvisor.com utilizes user friendly software and professional Advertisig services for hunting farms, PH’s/Guides, Outfitters, Members and Users.


Our highest priority is QUALITY, FUNCTIONALITY and SPEED.


To get the right traffic to your Profile, we work very hard, it means a small Team of 5 people, look after our clients and in the end for you booking, you need more than only a few clicks and likes on f...book. F...book is full with unseriose OUTFITTER where only care the FAST money.


We have more than 25 years hunting experience, 15 years in online advertising.


We have always maintained professionalism and have many satisfied customers all over the world.


Today more than 85% of all consumers use the internet as their main resource to search for products and services.


myhuntadvisor.com runs 24/7, using high speed servers with the maximum traffic for your online hunting marketing.


myhuntadvisor.com is professional, cost effective manage and up to date with the highest standard for online advertising software around the world.


Join us today, setup a profile in less than 3 min and join the international hunting community that will take your business to the next level. As a hunter you will have OUTFITTER o MASS, with a few clicks you will get your DREAMHUNT, ready to go hunting.


Yes we are the most valuable and the BEST,


Have a nice day, we are pleased to be able to very welcome on our FORUM and provide our service for you.



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