We are simply the best hunting portal, with the option for Hunter, Farm, Outfitter, Adventure, Advertiser.

no commission, flex with clients, indep. on the market, less advertising cost, more booking, more trafic on the own website, global direct payment, no hunting shows need, direct contact with clients, not dependent to agents.


How i can trust the Outfitter ?

If you setup a profile as a hunter on www.myhuntadvisor.com, you will get all contact details like tel, email, website, so you see what you get. (we recommand contact the outfitter,  with tel, e-mail and website, dont trust only facebook profiles most are fakes) be aware of FAKE picture in profiles.


AAA+ Outfitter ?

This outfitter stands for a certified MHA member, special for ethics in hunting and respect the nature conservation.


Why MHA not take commission ?

We have a fair membership system, additional we have advertising for sale,  be fair to Outfitter and Farms. We dont like to ripp off the people.  


Perfect Profile ?

Please setup your FREE profile with min 2-5 sharp picture (Please no FAKE from Internet), as a Outfitter, Farm, VIP, Agant you should ad 10-20 sharp picture: Trophy, Room, Farm, Activitys, Infos,... think about it, you want to sale your Product / Service, and please respond to mails in 12-24 hours !!! all people like to see what they get for the money. If you follow this as a Guidline you should be get Trafic (inquiry. booking...) we  can not garatee that to you.   


How to creat an FREE account on MYHUNTADVISOR.com ?



Memberships ?


Free membership. Limited in features.


Farm Membership gives you the advanced access to site features Top 100.


Outfitter Membership give you advanced access to site features, listed in Top 100 PREMIUM Outfitter, JOBS.


Hunter PH Membership give you advanced access to site features, listed in Top 500 PRO PH, JOBS.


VIP Membership for all in one, give you advanced access to site features a, OUTFITTERLIST Top 40 HUNTING LODGES, OUTFITTERLISTING US/EUROPE/ RUSSIA, BANNER to your website, pricelist, hunting video, booking form ... our MHA marketing, JOBS.


How much does a membership cost ? 

Example : Outfitter 12 month / 250€ = 20,83€ / month and, Top 40 PREMIUM Outfitter.


Can I customize my profile ?

Yes you can do that from your "Edit Profile". Change color and background picture and text styles.


I need to verify my email ?

Yes otherwise we can not activate your account. Simply follow the LINK what you get per e-mail after registration. It is important for the payment to the profile.



Be carful, to give private e-mails to clients/hunter´s to easy for answering, questions, pricelist, photos... 

It is not recommanded to puplish your personal e-mail in chat, message, profile.... we will bann and delet all profile´s without warning and refound. SPAMAGREEMENT 

virus in pdf, xls, doc are welcome to hack or spy..... (Antihunter,Greene´s). Get your private e-address on myhuntadvisor.com. We recommand using INTERN message (secure).


How can I change my Password ?

Go to your Profile, to Edit and than change Password.


How to change Password for your login Account ?

Got to Sign In, press forgoten password and put your e-mail for you account in, check your e-mail (SPAM) and press the link and change to a new password. 


What kind of features are for the members ?

We have a lot of NEW features: photos, videos, news box, forum, classifieds, deals, blog, online shop like button, rss, follow, mailbox, bookmarks, invite friends, events calender, games and many more.


Can I change my email address and other information ?

Yes you can by clicking "My Profile/Edit Profile" and then changing what you need changed. You can keep your profile fresh and up to date this way. Be ware with the e-mail adress for the payment !! otherwise we cant see the payment for the profile.


How do I upload video ?

We allowed uploading videos on the website. We allowed to embed link in your profile like YouTube channel….

Sorry we don’t accept Facebook links, they get deleted.


What are Tags ?

Tags are single descriptive words that are then used by the system to find you. These words are turned into links so people can click them to find you. EXAMPLE: BIG GAME HUNTING, HUNTING, AFRICA.... 


Can I upload nude photos ?



Why i don´t get any inquiry ?

If you dont get any inquiry you are not interresting to clients/hunter ! 

EXAMPLE: shock the hunter with high dayrates, trophy price, many extra cost, no picture on profile, only FB, late reply after day´s, picture of breeding animals eartag, hunting under 5 day´s, not answere question, no discount, payment ...  

So pimp your profile with information, picture, priclist, specials, areas, storys, activity, promo video... 

use our SPECIAL AD/BANNER/MARKETING VIDEO SERVICE, offer to get more trafic to your profile and your website. 


How can I make a photo primary ?

Go into "My Profile" after you login, click on large picture to go to "My Photos" then click on a little picture and make primary.


Do you release info on members ? 

Never! We will not disclose any information on members to any party for any reason. You privacy is safe here.


Where can I get support services ?

We have an easy Support system 24/7.


Format for the pictures and attachment in message ?

Upload 3500*3500 .gif, .jpg and .png files only!


Headline must be in one word !


I want to suspend my account, how do I ?

You can suspend your account at any time by contacting us or logging in and in the first page you will see a link to "Hide Profile".


I want to delete my account, how do I ?

You can delete your account at any time by logging into your account and clicking "My Preferences" or send an e-mail to the Support.


How to cancel my Membership ?

Please cancel your Membership 3 month in advance, per personal e-mail to admin@myhuntadvisor.com.


Admin Service !!!

If you write any e-mail to our services admin, marketing, payment, advertising ...... it can take up to 48 hour to fix or answer your question, we try to do it in 1-6 hour, but please passion  (like in hunting). 


How can i pay for my MEMBERSHIP or ADVERTISING ?

Our system accept all diffrent payments, credit-cards in all forms, this paymets are the safest way to pay. If you like to pay to our SA bank, please ask for the details. 



Select a advertising product from our productlist, pay over credit-card or pay-pal.

Send us your Banner (468x60 standard), Logo......over e-mail marketing@myhuntadvisor.com and we make the rest for you. If you like to pay direct to an SA bankaccount please ask for the details.



Our hunting Advertising is a mix of PRINTMEDIA (magazine), EXPOS, HUNTINGSHOWS, DIGITAL (internet), VISUAL (video), this gives you the maximum effect for your hunting business. 


No anti hunting comments allowed !!!

Passion of ethical hunting is our greatest asset.
We dissociate from any unethical hunting methods (canned hunting, ...).

We using the last Privacy Policy 2019/20.



Have a nice day, enjoy the professional advertising service for outfitter, hunter, farm for your hunting experience with www.myhuntadvisor.com.